Bad credit installment loans direct lenders only

There are two main kinds of loans are currently provided by banks and institutions which are installments and payday.Let’s start with the second one. Payday is the kind of loan that must be repaid on single payment on a specific day. Payday usually have shorter repay time duration and higher interest rates than the other sort.


Installments is the kind of loan that is paid back on a schedule of repayment dates. It has many types and sorts like for example mortgages or car deals. On the other hand credit card repayment is done one single time on a specific date which makes it a sort of a payday as well.


Benefit of Installments deals

As we all know approval now is currently restricted on a number of qualifications and terms including credit score. If you have bad score you should consider getting installments offer as it’s repaid on a number of repayment dates, and the more payments you deliver the more your scoring will improve as long as the repayment history is reported to the main scoring agencies.Just take care only to get the it from direct lenders instead of intermediaries especially if you have bad credit.


Installment loans from direct lenders

It’s better to get deals from direct lenders, especially if you have bad score as they are mostly official institutions certified by the government like banks, financing institutions, etc.

Official institutions have many services, various products suitable to each and every tier of customers, besides they have the ability to report the payment history of their debtors to the main reporting agencies which rely on these reports and documents in enhancing scores. So, if you are willing to have better score to get approved easier, you need to deal with direct lenders only in the first place.



Financial intermediaries are the firms that links between the lender and the borrower. Actually financial intermediaries are vital in economies for many reasons considering legal issues, proximity, research and studies, lack of liquidity and many other reasons.

However, it’s still would be risky for any average person to ask for borrowing some cash from financial intermediaries as they might have higher interest rates, unofficial, or happen to be inadequate in linking between borrowers and lenders.

So just in case you have bad credit score and looking for installments offer, it’s better to look for direct creditors cause they are the ones who offer safe deals.